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Product Review
18 Apr, 2016 Reydiant
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What amazing range of natural products with awesome results! During my pregnancy I used the goodbye Canckles for my swollen feet and it really helped with the swelling, I gave some to my aunt who had a foot op a few years back and still had swelling, her foot even managed to fit into a few shoes it couldn’t fit into anymore. The tummy oil which i used to prevent stretchmarks worked wonders and even though I had gained 30kgs during my pregnancy this oil managed to keep the stretchmarks away however the product which I recently used the thrush oil for oral thrush really impressed me – my 1 month old son had some thrush and I thought id try the oil instead of getting something from the pharmacy, I rubbed some on his cheeks as the instructions had said, I was a bit skeptical as I thought how would an oil that u rub on the cheeks work??? 2 days later no more thrush – I was amazed!!  – Rafeeka Allie


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