Reydiant Product Blogger Review: LittleMissModest

Reydiant Product Blogger Review: LittleMissModest
18 April, 2016 Reydiant
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We received this review from blogger LittleMissModest follow her blog here.

Review: Reydiant Little Me

Hello petals! So i was approached by the Reydiant Natural Product company to try out their beauty skin & body range & get my thoughts on them, so i gave it a “Yay” and by the weekend past, was able to give them a go.


These body treatments leave you with the feeling of a maxed out spa day with its unique herbal, yet fresh aroma’s , leaving your skin feeling so smooth, hydrated & glowing with…yes you guessed right, “Reydiants!”

There are even products for your little boo-boo’s to help out with teething & colic, i tried the “Sleepy Time” that made my little bundle sleep like she had been put on cloud 9, as well as the “Soft As You’re Baby” that left my princess skin feeling soft as a marshmallow!

These i can honestly vouch for are by far one of the products on the market i would definitely recommend to each and every soul i know, as it really lives up to its name & reputation! As i have done nothing but brag about them, as they travel in my handbag wherever i go!

You may pop me a email or contact me on my social media platforms on inquiries on these gems! So go ahead & give yourself a dream spa day with Reydiants!



Blogger Review: LittleMissModest 100
Overall 100