Welcome Reydiant Beauties!

Welcome Reydiant Beauties!
12 May, 2016 Reydiant
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Welcome to Reydiant!

Our website has just launched and we would like to Welcome you, our customers and our followers!
Without You there wouldn’t be a Reydiant! Thank You for the support and please continue to spread the word about our products!

So I’m sure by now you’ve checked out our “About Us” so you know what we do and why we started.
I’d like to start off the first of our blog entries by saying that we at Reydiant are passionate and committed to bringing you Quality Natural Products that can give You peace of mind of what you are putting onto your and your baby’s skin!

I know many moms out there are always looking for natural products that they can trust and that are transparent, and we at Reydiant offer you just that. We do not add anything to our products that have not been listed on our labels and we ensure that we only use quality cold pressed carrier oils and essential oils.

None of our products contain any petroleum derivitives, parabens, parafins, artificial colouring or any harsh chemicals. We know that there is a big hype for natural products and you would be shocked to find out that there are many company’s on the South African market as well as the international market that claim to be “Natural” but use things like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), parabens and phenoxyethanol which have all been linked to causing cancer, but we’ll delve into these chemicals at a later stage as I’ll be doing various blog series about these chemicals and why they are bad for you. Many preservatives used in cosmetics are either paraben based or contain phenoxyethanol and for this reason we have not added any preservatives to our products. However, you can rest assured since our products are comprised of oils and salts depending on the product they are safe to use without a preservative, however, many of the essential oils we use do have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Welcome again and I’m sure you will enjoy your visit at Reydiant! If you have any comments or queries kindly drop us a mail or leave us a comment! More details can be found under “Contact Us”.