Managing Colds/Flu Naturally!

Managing Colds/Flu Naturally!
7 June, 2022 Reydiant
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Young woman having flu and blowing her nose at handkerchief

Managing Colds/Flu Naturally!

It’s that time of the year when almost everyone you know has the sniffles, a cold or the flu!

In my home we only use allopathic medicines when it is absolutely necessary. So how do we manage colds and flu? I’ll take you throw what we do and what I use to get us through the flu.

When I notice the beginning stages of a cold/flu coming on, I like to be proactive and try to stop it in it’s tracks before it gets worse, which lets face it, isn’t always possible especially if you little ones because they’re most likely already sick and passed on to you!

So how do I manage flu naturally?

I increase my Vitamin C intake by eating Naartjies, I find it helps us more than Oranges and I buy some freshly squeezed orange juice as well (I don’t have a juicer). I also start taking 10mls of Colloidal Silver 3x a day and 5mls for my kids who are both currently under 5. I will usually make us a pot of veggie soup to last a few days as well.

The next thing I do once the symptoms start showing up a bit more, so we avoided the sore throat but now the sniffles have started, indicating to me that the cold is progressing or the flu is imminent, I start taking Pegasus Antivirabac according to the instructions and I start using Sinus Clear mornings and evenings. Once the fatigue and pains set in or just before, I like to soak my feet in our Antimicrobial Foot Salts, Lavender Rooibos Bath Salts or a combination of both. The Eucalyptus really helps open the sinuses and salts help to draw out toxins and fatigue.

Once we get to full blown Flu, I will take a day or 2 to rest and sleep as much as possible with 2 kiddies running around. I will also drink rooibos tea made with honey, lemon, ginger and pineapple & liquorice root (if I have available) throughout the symptoms. At full blown flu and when I get a blocked nose, I will use the sinus clear more frequently to unblock my nose. I also add a few drops of colloidal silver to our noses to flush it out once or twice a day depending on the severity.

The thing I love most about these remedies are that they are suitable for babies as well as adults. The sinus clear, is not suitable under 1 years of age, so if you’re planning on using it on your baby let me know in the notes of your order and I can make a blend for your baby without the Eucalyptus which isn’t recommended for use on young babies. We’re usually sick for about 3-4 days each, with some of us being sick concurrently.

When you’re sick remember to eat well, rest and drink lots of fluids.