Exfoliating Cloth

Exfoliating Cloth

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A specialised microfiber exfoliating cloth.


Why Do I Need This Product?
Do you suffer from dry or uneven skin? Do you find your skin feels coarse even after washing? Then you need to exfoliate your skin! Reydiant’s exfoliating cloth has been specially made to exfoliate your skin.

Benefits of this product?
Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin allowing new fresh skin to grow and regenerate, giving you a reydiant appearance!

Directions for use:
Use in conjunction with one of our Facial Cleansing Oils or Clay Mask. Wet the exfoliating cloth and then gently wipe your face with the cloth in circular motions. Ensure not to rub vigorously as you could possibly rub away too many layers of your skin, thereby leaving your skin raw.


  1. I highly recommend this cloth. It really does its job when you exfoliating.

    • It’s a great Exfoliator but be sure not to over exfoliate.

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