Facial Cleansing Bars

Facial Cleansing Bars


Cleanse & exfoliate your face with our gentle facial cleansing clay bars. It is ideal for all skin types even sensitive skin types.


Why You Should Use this Product:

Cleanse and exfoliate your face with Reydiant’s Facial Cleansing Clay Bars. Available in two variations, Pink Clay and Seaweed.

When applied on skin, Kaolin mixed with a little warm water, will soak up excess oils and stale sebum on the skin and within the pores. Kaolin white clay is the most mild of all the clays. Kaolin White Clay is rich in calcium,
silica, zinc and magnesium, making it ideal for oily and sensitive skin.

Reydiant’s Facial Cleansing Pink Clay Bar. Pure White Kaolin Clay, Pink Clay and Geranium Hydrosol will gently clean, draw toxins from the skin, and improve skin tone and texture. While alcohol free, geranium hydrosol is non-drying, clarifying and will soothe inflammation. We’ve used white kaolin & pink clay as it is gentle, non-irritating and
non-drying. It is ideal for oily, dry and sensitive skin types.

Pink Clay is suitable for dry and sensitive skin types, it reduces irritation and inflammation from aggravating skin conditions such as acne. Pink Clay is rich in Silica, which helps to improve skin elasticity and cell renewal for supple, younger looking skin. Gently exfoliating and light on the skin, Pink Clay leaves skin silky soft and smooth, it helps to minimise blackheads and promotes a radiant and balanced complexion.

Reydiant’s Facial Cleansing Seaweed Clay Bar. Pure White Kaolin Clay, Seaweed Powder and Tea Tree Hydrosol will gently clean, draw toxins from the skin, and improve skin tone and texture. While alcohol free, tea tree hydrosol is non-drying, clarifying and will soothe inflammation. We’ve used white kaolin & seaweed powder as it is gentle, non-irritating and non-drying. It is ideal for all skin types even sensitive skin types.

Seaweed powder is suitable for all skin types, including dry, aging, and acne prone skin. It’s good for soothing skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne. It’s beneficial for the skin and leaves your skin with a fresh glowing feeling. Seaweed powder is a rich source of vitamins, including vitabim B12 and vitamin E, amino acids, minerals, trace
elements, and other nutrients. When applied to the skin, seaweed acts as a powerful purifier, that works to exfoliate and draw out impurities while imparting its beneficial properties.

Directions for use:
Gently rub the bar onto your wet face. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse off thoroughly. Pat dry and apply a light moisturiser or floral hydrosol to hydrate your skin. Use twice a week for healthy, clear and glowing skin.
*The clay bar is suitable for 1 – 4 applications depending on the amount applied.

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight. Store in a cool, dark place. Store in a dry place, out of the shower, and allow to air dry between use. Do not leave it in water.

Warnings: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. If ingested seek professional medical advice. If a rash or allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult a Doctor.

Ingredients Pink Clay Bar: Kaolin (White Clay), Pelargonium asperum (Geranium) Distillate, Kaolin (Pink Clay) and Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) Oil.

Ingredients Seaweed Bar: Kaolin (White Clay), Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree) Distillate, Undaria pinnatifida
(Seaweed Powder) and Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil.

Size: 7 x 15g Bars

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Pink Clay, Seaweed


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